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The Lincoln Lawyer

Year: 2011

As: Detective Heidi Sobel

Status: Completed

Director: Brad Furman

About: oderately successful criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller operates around Los Angeles County out of a Lincoln Town Car (hence the title) driven by a former client working off his legal fees. While most clients are drug dealers and gangsters, the story focuses on an unusually important case of wealthy Los Angeles realtor Louis Roulet accused of assault and attempted murder. At first, he appears to be innocent and set up by the female "victim."


Year: 2005 - Present

As: Angela Montenegro

Status: Season 7 scheduled to air November 3, 2011

Producers: Hart Hanson, Barry Josephson, Stephen Nathan& Ian Toynton

About: The show is based on forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology, with each episode focusing on an FBI case file concerning the mystery behind human remains brought by FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth to the forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan.

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    Angela and Hodgins


    Name: Conlin-Online.com
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    21 Mar 2014
    Posted by Em | bones , gallery , micheala , Photos | 0 coment

    I added to the gallery 33 episode captures from Bones (9×17).

    normal_439.jpg normal_646.jpg normal_655.jpg


    21 Mar 2014
      Annie Leibovitz SUMO-Size Book Launch  
    Posted by Em | gallery , micheala , Photos | 0 coment

    Michaela Conlin attends The Annie Leibovitz SUMO-Size Book Launch presented by Vanity Fair, Leon Max and Benedikt Taschen during Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood at Chateau Marmont on February 26, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

    Michaela2BConlin2BAnnie2BLeibovitz2BSUMO2BSize2BfsRnIPgQ_dPl.jpg Michaela2BConlin2BAnnie2BLeibovitz2BSUMO2BSize2BrvflkAZY23hl.jpg Michaela2BConlin2BAnnie2BLeibovitz2BSUMO2BSize2BYAk7Nfld8rBl.jpg Bez-názvu-2

    2014 - Annie Leibovitz SUMO-Size Book Launch



    21 Mar 2014
      Arrivals at the Fox All-Star Party  
    Posted by Em | gallery , micheala , Photos | 0 coment

    Michaela Conlin arrives to the 2014 Fox All-Star Party at the Langham Hotel on January 13, 2014 in Pasadena, California.

    Michaela2BConlin2BArrivals2BFox2BStar2BParty2BPart2B6cBhg1P1LU1l.jpg Michaela2BConlin2BArrivals2BFox2BStar2BParty2BPart2BQGShxGmpDLol.jpg Michaela2BConlin2BArrivals2BFox2BStar2BParty2BPart2BUQBTnlVWxI-l.jpg Michaela2BConlin2BArrivals2BFox2BStar2BParty2BPart2BZ-z4aF_1Z4jl.jpg

    2014 - Arrivals at the Fox All-Star Party


    21 Mar 2014
    Posted by Em | gallery , micheala , Photos | 0 coment

    Michaela Conlin, Richard Wainwright and Joey Grana attend A Current Affair: Pop Up Vintage Marketplace at Cooper Design Space on December 7, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

    Michaela2BConlin2BCurrent2BAffair2BPop2BUp2BVintage2B_elX3CC_O33l.jpg Bez-názvu-2 Bez-názvu-2 Bez-názvu-2

    2013 - A Current Affair: POP Up Vintage Marketplace


    13 Feb 2014
      I´m so sorry..  
    Posted by Em | Site Updates | 0 coment

    I´m so sorry for my inactivity ! I want add some news in the coming days :)
    Maybe i can make new layout :) Want it ?


    23 Nov 2013
      Michaela Conlin Previews the Bachelorette Party  
    Posted by Em | bones , micheala | 0 coment

    Michaela Conlin previews one of the craziest, wildest episodes of Bones ever. TONIGHT at 8/7c.


    23 Nov 2013
      9×10 – The Mystery in the Meat Sneak Peeks  
    Posted by Em | bones , micheala | 0 coment

    Look at new sneak peeks from episode 9×10 :)


    23 Nov 2013
      Twitter Updates 0.2  
    Posted by Em | gallery , micheala , Photos | 0 coment

    I’ve added new beautiful twitter photos to the gallery :)

    BP0hi9sCYAAWnWt_large.jpg BX7w0xbCcAAw0Q6_large.jpg BYR1LFcCAAAf_hM_large.jpg 

    2013 > Twitter Updates


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